Scam Alert Website Check-How To Spot A Fake Bank Alert Mail

The use of internet banking is widespread and has created a loophole for scammer to exploit(thanks to the web we can now do Scam Alert Website Check.You have to bear in mind that your bank account can easily be hacked if you give out sensitive information to the wrong people either willingly or forcefully but in this post we will examine how to spot phising scammers that want to steal your bank details by sending you an email that looks exactly like those mails you receive from your bank.

A reader of this blog recently received an email from a scammer and it looks exactly like the one the bank uses to receive from Gtbank but unfortunatly to the scammer our dear reader grew suspicious and contacted us .I told him point blank that its a scam and  below is the image to do Scam Alert Website Check:

Scam Alert Website Check

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